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The world's first image flag identifier

FlagBot is the world's first and most advanced image based flag identifier! No more trouble trying to search for which country's flag is in front of you, just ask FlagBot to identify it! FlagBot is a machine learning algorithm that has learned to identify flags of almost 200 countries. To use it, simply download the app for IOS or Android, take a picture, or use one you already have.

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Machine Learning

Sounds cool, but don't have the cash?

FlagBot also lets you watch an advertisement instead of paying for the service! FlagBot takes energy to run, so unfortunately it doesn't work for free, but you can try it before you buy, by watching a short ad for each image!

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How it works

Download the app

Available for IOS and Android.

Take a photo or select one

Use your phone's camera, or select one from your gallery

FlagBot finds your flag!

FlagBot will tell you which flags it thinks are in the image! FlagBot uses machine learning to identify almost any country's flag!

Unlimited for $3.99 (USD)

Or $0.99 each

Unlimited gives you access to FlagBot identifications, anytime!

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  • Unlimited flag identifications
  • Easy to retry a scan
  • No ad interruptions
  • No hidden costs

Why go Premium

After you purchase, there are no hidden fees, or extra payments. Pay once and have unlimited access to FlagBot flag identifications. FlagBot will identify the flag of almost any nation, in seconds!

No ad interruptions

No need to wait each time


The service will continue to improve!

One time fee!

Only pay once! Unlimited access!

Easy To Use

Just take a picture, and identify any nation's flag!